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6 Ways To Grind Up Cannabis

These methods are better than others, and it’s hard to beat an excellent old-fashioned weed grinder. However, when the occasion calls for it, they can come in clutch. So here are six of the best ways to grind up cannabis.

1. Grinder

The first method and also the best is to use a designated Cannabis grinder. You can find these all over smoke shops and head shops, and they usually don’t cost a lot. All you need to do is pack your cannabis into them, close it up and grind, and you’re left with some finely ground cannabis to roll up.

Grinders come in many different shapes and sizes. You can get an excellent cheap grinder to fit right in your pocket so you can take it anywhere. You can also get bigger and more technical grinders with more features. For instance, some grinders collect kief from your cannabis so you can reuse it.

It’s hard to beat the classic method of using a grinder. It’s quick, convenient, and designed specifically to grind up your cannabis in a hurry. So use this if you can.

2. Your Hands If you have a bag of cannabis but don’t have a grinder at hand, sometimes you can use your fingers. Breaking apart cannabis with your hands might take a little longer, and the finished result won’t be as finely ground, but when desperate times call for desperate measures, this method can come in handy.

Grinding up cannabis with your hands can be helpful if you’re smoking out of a bong or pipe. You don’t need finely ground cannabis for this- just pulling a bud off your cannabis and putting it in the bowl can work just as well. However, when it comes to rolling up, this method won’t be as handy.

Of course, the advantage of this method is that anyone can do it and you don’t need any extra equipment. But this is the least effective method on this list if you want your cannabis to ground up finely.

3. Coffee Grinder

Cannabis grinders aren’t the only kind of grinders you can use. You can also use a classic coffee grinder. Designed for grinding up coffee beans, you can put your cannabis in and grind it up, and it works surprisingly well.

Just pack your cannabis in and grind it the same way you would with coffee. You’ll be left with some excellent, fine cannabis to roll up. It’s quick and straightforward and gives you some pretty good qua