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A Guide To Using Magic Mushrooms

To experience the effects of psilocybin, the hallucinogen that occurs naturally in magic mushrooms, the mushrooms need to be ingested. In other words, magic mushrooms need to interact with your digestive system for you to experience the effects. Smoking or vaping magic mushrooms will not result in you receiving any effect from psilocybin, and it is somewhat unpleasant. Psilocybin breaks down at high temperatures, so ingestion, of some form, is essential. Drinking tea brewed with magic mushrooms, ingesting liquid psilocybin, or simply eating dried magic mushrooms, are all common ways to consume shrooms. We not only offer raw dried magic mushrooms but also precisely crafted teas and a chocolate bar.

Unlike many tasty foods we consume, eating dried magic mushrooms isn’t exactly the pleasant part of the experience. So here are a few ways of making it more palatable.

Do you like mushrooms on your pizza? Just make sure to add your dose after you’ve cooked the pizza, not before. In a pinch, adding a dose of magic mushrooms to a favourite topping on toast is always a tried-and-true way to consume.

Mixing mushrooms in with trail mix. Recipes which includes chocolate chips or M&Ms, are suggested.


Another consideration is the dose amount and the different experiences that result. For some, the whole point is the hallucinogenic effects, and others may be looking for other levels of effect. There are therapeutic reasons for taking certain amounts that do not produce hallucinogenic effects. By listing the various doses and their effects, we may help you decide which dose is right for you. The Micro Dose = 0.05g to 0.25g Micro dosing involves ingesting small amounts on a schedule to gain positive emotional and mental benefits without the hallucinations. Those who choose to micro dose typically experience the following effects: - An increase in your awareness of and being “tuned in to” your physical body. - An increase in the ability to relate or empathize with others, and an interest in socializing. - A creative boost. An improved ability to think creatively. - A general elevation of mood. A positive outlook. The Mini Dose = 0.25g to 0.75g Mini dosing is a slight step beyond micro dosing. People who mini dose don’t intend to feel any hallucinogenic effects, but they do push it closer to that level. Essentially, you should expect to feel a more “elevated” experience. Mini dosing should produce these effects: