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How to Store Cannabis

The Ultimate Storage Tip

The secret to storing your herb correctly is to protect it from the elements. Light, moisture, temperature, and air affect your cannabis quality, limiting your enjoyment of quality Cannabis. See how each element affects your cannabis stash, and learn ways to shield your herb from them.

The Buzz Killers

1. Light

Light is the biggest enemy to your cannabis. It has harsh rays that dull the colour of your cannabis and burn its terpenes and cannabinoids. Even if you store the buds in heavy glass jars, the UV rays will still penetrate. You may have mason jars at your disposal, but the better container is an opaque one.

If you insist on a container that will allow you to see the contents, choose a brown glass container resembling beer bottles. Brewers use these bottles because the brown colour filters out the visible, ultraviolet light. Keep the brown container away from direct sunlight because the glass only effectively blocks 30 percent of the UV rays.

2. Temperature

When the temperatures go so high up, your cannabis may dry out too much and evaporate the terpenes in it. Without terpenes, you will be smoking cannabis that produces harsh flavourless smoke. High temperatures also create warmth that encourages mould and mildew growth. Mould grows when the temperature ranges between 78 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, store your cannabis at a temperature lower than this range.

Experts advise that the ideal storage space would be a cool dark place, and to some people, a refrigerator meets this description. Unfortunately, the fridge has high moisture content due to the items stored there and possible spillages. Therefore, do not keep your cannabis in the refrigerator.

3. Air

You would assume that a constant airflow would keep your cannabis crisp and tight, but not really. Air contains oxygen, which affects the viability of the herb. Too little air increases the humidity in the cannabis and the container, encouraging mould and mildew growth. Too much of it speeds up the process of degradation. Oxygen exposure oxidizes the terpenes, causing the cannabis to smell like grass or hay. Since it would be hard to determine the optimal oxygen level, it’s best to stop the aeration altogether. The best way to preserve cannabis is to vacuum seal it.

Unfortunately, not too many people have a vacuum sealer lying around. The next best alternative is to store your cannabis in an airtight container that seals easily and whose lid holds tight. The container should also be of proper size, so even if it doesn’t allow air in, not much air is trapped inside the closed space. Do not store a small amount of herb in a large container. Also, avoid crowding the buds. Crowding traps humidity and encourages fungi growth.

Inevitably, whenever you pop the lid to grab some herb, some air will enter the container. The entry of air introduces more oxygen into the container. Therefore